With MYOB, QuickBooks, Xero, SAGE and MoneyWorks Integration

Two different POS systems in one

  • Gary understands that different industries need different levels of POS.
    Front counter payment processing for normal (back office) orders. Take normal orders in a back-office style. This means every option is on screen and you are able to see and do everything an order entry system should do. Now add to this at the click of a button the ability to process a payment at the front counter exactly the way POS systems normally do. Any order, any time - amaze your account customers with how easy it is.
  • POS optimised for shop processing. Just the one screen with everything you need for POS and nothing you don't. Simple, easy to learn and quick. If you do need anything from the back office system it's just a touch away.
  • And any order taken either way is fully available to all PCs whether back office or POS.

Find the Customer, order or invoice quickly

Search by:

  • Customer name, address, phone number and more
  • Invoice number, value or date
  • Order number, description, sales person or date.
  • Contact names or phone numbers


  • Photos of Customer staff for face to face validation
  • Records of conversations, agreements or other documents

Product Selection made easy

  • Select products via simple lookup or search or via a Cascading drill down screen displaying products in groups and allowing multiple selections at the one time from across all levels.
  • Select product from a properties display grid to ensure that you are selecting precisely those products that suit your customer.
  • Even new staff will get it right first time.

Sell stock or labour, hire equipment, take orders for delivery

Gary enables selling at the counter and, optionally, processing payments for every kind of order.

  • Walk through the showroom with the Customer and a scanner.
  • Lookup Supplier catalogues on-line at the counter.
  • Select equipment for hire by on-line specifications.
  • Quote or charge for labour, delivery or anything.
  • Book in the calendar an appointment, delivery or pickup.
  • Enter special pricing or discounts by line or by order.
  • Quick processing for pay and go.
  • Access any quote or order to discuss face to face.
  • Capture a signature when goods are taken.