With MYOB, QuickBooks, Xero, SAGE and MoneyWorks Integration

Cost methods include standard, average, actual, last, buy price, or calculated cost. These are used in the jobs and projects to provide detailed and accurate budgeted, planned, actual and projected costs at the various task, job.

Real time work in progress and time and cost completion percentage are included at all levels.

You can also use the planned/projected costs based on progress claim percentage to project job profitability.

Progress claims and retention tracking can be done by job and consolidated invoicing. A graphical job calendar by resource or Staff will assist you with scheduling.

If you want Job & Project Costing that you can view from your browser you have come to the right place. You can create multiple quotes for a job or import quote details from an external source. Import CAD inventory and attach documents to jobs.

Would you like an easy way to control your retentions or maybe see at a glance how your productivity via labour and resources are going?

And all of this is available via your Web Browser!!

Quotation control

Unlimited quotation variations

Quotation by Job or Project

Capture communications during sales stage

Labour control

Graphically schedule labour resources

Timesheet entry by keyboard, remote device, data capture

Manage sub-contractors

Material Control

Generate purchase orders from within the job

Seamlessly integrate with automated inventory management

Instantly see what's outstanding

Planned vs Actual Costing

Know your actual vs planned cost at a glance

By line

By job

  • Materials
  • Labour
  • Purchasing

More details

  • Simple to Complex Job Estimating
  • Real Time Work In Progress at all Levels
  • Track Warranties
  • Track Repetitive maintenance schedules
  • Auto creation of Job specific Purchase Orders
  • Complex Inventory control
  • Budget creation and tracking
  • Job Order Touch Screens
  • Remote Tablet Users
  • After Job Costing and Actual Job Profit Reporting
  • Budgeted, Actual and Projected Costs
  • Progress Claims and Retentions Tracking
  • Use Standard, Average, Actual, Last, Buy Price or Calculated Costing Methods
  • Timesheets by individual or team, Job Sheets and Job Lists •
  • Mobile Timesheets and Remote Tablet Users
  • Planned, Actual and Projected Labour Time remaining by Job
  • Graphical Resource Job Scheduling Calendar
  • Record and track all costs for a job or project
  • Manage sub-contractors
  • Serial number, batch tracking
  • Attach drawings and specifications to jobs
  • Attach photos or images
  • Graphical drag and drop Job scheduling to manage your workforce & assets
  • Directly create job-specific purchase orders
  • Enter timesheets to post labour to the job
  • Stock issue and inventory control
  • Multiple warehouses
  • Multiple branches
  • Prepare job estimate and issue as a formatted quote
  • Track budgeted, actual and projected costs
  • Schedule invoicing with managed retentions
  • Track Variations
  • Reports and records WIP in real-time
  • Permits standard, average, actual or last cost
  • Multiple labour charge-out rates
  • Retention tracking with rules

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