Customer/Order/Activity Relationship Management

Gary's integrated CRM is called InTouch and will manage processes that involve relationships in every area - intelligently. List relevant conversations or create new records at any time - no matter what you're doing or where you are.

InTouch understands that the latest information relating to a

  • Customer
  • Contact
  • Supplier
  • Employee
  • Order
  • Event
  • Activity
  • or anything else

needs to be immediately available to everyone. You can drive a process according to a plan, automate followup tickets, signal completion of a task and review the history of any record or activity from anywhere at anytime.

Gary keeps you in the loop.

Do different departments in your business need differently constructed pipelines to guide staff through various stages of inquiries, quotations, orders, manufacturing, purchasing or general followup?

Gary can define

  • an unlimited number of Pipelines
  • each with an unlimited number of stages
  • each with an unlimited number of actions
  • with an unlimited number of iterations per action

Want to followup on inquiries every other day for 2 weeks, then weekly for 6 weeks, then monthly for 6 months? While all the time capturing all correspondence and the time taken to service the lead?

That's the advantage Gary's InTouch CRM solution provides.

And Gary can do it differently across departments or sites.

And that just the beginning.

Gary enables you to define an unlimited number of views of your business processes.

Each view is defineable as to which data it displays so each department (or person, or site) can see information the way want to see it.

Each view enables drilling down below the status of any stage to see all related correspondence or notes taken and - if required - timesheet entries relating to the work done.

Each stage is trackable by colour to see at a glance any issue that demands investigation.

Gary wants to know what's going on in your business, and he wants to help you see it clearly also.