With MYOB, QuickBooks, Xero, SAGE and MoneyWorks Integration

Business Process Software that Integrates More of Your Apparel Business

The Gary for Apparel solution is based on enterprise resource planning (ERP) software which means more of your apparel business processes are integrated in one efficient platform. From Customer Relationship Management (CRM) through to Sales, Manufacturing, Inventory and Purchasing Apparel will help to manage your apparel business far more effectively and efficiently.

Typically, many apparel businesses using MYOB, Quickbooks, Xero, Sage and Moneyworks use many spread sheets and disparate applications to drive the many complex ordering and production facets of an apparel business. Keeping the flow of information accurate, timely and up to date becomes difficult leading to errors, duplication and often frustration. Apparel solves this problem by bringing the many related business processes together so that information flows cohesively in Apparel with integration to MYOB, Quickbooks, Xero, Sage and Moneyworks financials. That’s pleasing to your book-keeper, and your taxation accountant.

Apparel understands the complex requirements of clothing manufacturers, distributors, embroidery suppliers and other businesses that need to handle the ordering, supply and manufacturing of products by Size, Style, & Colour. Apparel smartly manages other levels of complexity such as garment variations & options, production orders, cutting sheets, out-work and purchasing requirements.

In a challenging sales and manufacturing economy, it is essential for your apparel businesses to understand its costs far more quickly and to have confidence that you can offer customers best possible pricing in a fast moving market place. To compete successfully it is necessary to become highly efficient with business process and to ensure that maximum productivity is realised to keep costs down, especially as your apparel business grows.

That’s what Gary for Apparel offers. Better business process. Backed by a team of experienced developers, support staff and consultants, Gary Software for Apparel are with you every step of the way to help your apparel business maximize productivity

Uniform Contract Management Version

If you’re a supplier of corporate uniforms, work wear or custom build clothing then Apparel’s Contract Management version will certainly make life easier for your sales and administration teams. Our Uniform Contract Manager version allows you to set up buying forms for your corporate customers, offering the classic garment choices such as style, size and colour with additional selections for customisation for such as embroidery, sewing, logos and the like, with pricing variations.

Contract Manager quotes are produced quickly and easily and can be emailed to your client for speedy service. Quotes are easily tracked and monitored, and are able to be converted to an order at the click of a button.

Contract Manager then builds the apparel job information using pre-defined bills of materials, instantly providing comparison of job order revenue to any planned production costs. Actual job costs are built from inventory issues, any related purchasing, integrated time sheet entry for internal labour, and any out-work you source for supplies of cutting, sewing, embroidery and the like.

Contract Manager handles complexity for logos, alterations, split style pricing, extras such as delivery charges, order notations and document storage for contracts and logos. Contract Manager generates cutting, sewing, and out-work order sheets grouped by style, fabric and sizes. Alterations and other cutting information carry from the job order through to the cutting sheets.

Apparel can report profitability of your Contract Manager sales using several methods including job reports, views, pivots and graphs. Reports can be ordered by overall sales, job categories through to individual customers and orders.

  • Quote & Sell Customised or Manufactured Garments
  • Define Requirements at Garment, Colour or Customer Level
  • Specify, Control & Price Logos and Alterations
  • Simplify & Control Ordering of Contracted Uniforms
  • Manage Internal/Sub-Contractor Cutting, Sewing and Logos
  • Track Embroidery Across Multiple Departments
  • Monitor Order Profitability in Real-Time
  • Manage Garment Sales & Clothing Stock Control Effectively
  • Track & Manage Apparel Production Efficiently
  • Control Stock by Style or Style/Colour & Size
  • Forecast & Replenish Inventory Accurately and Reduce Inventory Costs
  • Enter Orders for Multiple Styles & Sizes Quickly
  • Track Garment Manufacture Across Multiple Departments
  • Negotiate Better Prices with More Confidence

Sales Order Matrix Version

Gary for Apparel’s Sales Order Matrix version is ideal for apparel businesses that primarily import and/or manufacture garments and require warehouse, distribution inventory management and control of those apparel products.

Sales Order Matrix takes care of your sophisticated apparel order requirements with its Style Colour Size (SCS) data entry screens handling the most complex of orders. SCS data entry provides additional options for garment variations such as logos, embroidery and the like. SCS also handles pricing charges for garment variations. Logo specifications can be stored with orders and control is provided to restrict orders to approved logo versions.

Gary for Apparel can report profitability of your sales orders using several methods including sales reports, views, pivots and graphs. Reports can be ordered by overall sales, product categories through to individual customers and orders.


Gary for Apparel is able to integrate purchasing requirements from either individual Jobs (Contract Manager) and Sales (Matrix) orders or across all order demand using Inventory Replenishment. Inventory Replenishment consolidates required external orders by supplier for on demand stock (garments, raw materials) or from re-order levels over multiple warehouses, also taking into account supply from factory works orders or purchasing already in progress. Inventory replenishment can generate purchase orders or place internal factory orders for repetitive manufacturing operations.

Purchase Orders may be placed on foreign currency suppliers in their local currency, with purchase shipments able to handle the bill of lading allocations to calculate landed costs, updating the purchase order costs. Purchase receipts either update inventory stock availability, or can be allocated directly to sales and job orders. Supplier invoices from purchasing are integrated with MYOB or QuickBooks Accounts Payable.

Warehouse, Distribution & Inventory Management

Gary for Apparel easily handles complex warehousing and inventory requirements. Whether you’re an apparel manufacturer, embroiderer or importer you’ll be pleased to know that Gary for Apparel handles inventory from raw material through to imported and manufactured goods. Manage multiple warehouses with their own inventory re-order levels that in conjunction with Inventory Replenishment, make purchasing a streamlined and efficient operation. Track inventory movements and quickly forecast inventory availability based on sales and job order demand and supply from purchasing and factory orders.

Gary for Apparels distribution systems make light work of sales deliveries, with picking, bar-coding, back-ordering options, carton labels, and packing and delivery tracking. Smart freight options can be integrated using the optional IFS consignment systems. Invoices can be produced with deliveries, batch printed or emailed to customers once delivered.


Sales Matrix orders are supplied from inventory, or can generate factory orders for garment manufacture and production. Using Gary for Apparel’s bills of materials, works orders are efficiently generated, along their associated assembly steps and default resources. Any subsequent required purchasing can be generated from factory orders, or Gary for Apparels Inventory Replenishment feature can consolidate purchasing for multiple works orders by supplier. Bill of Material costs can be kept up to date from from your latest purchase invoicing using standard, latest or average cost methods.

Factory orders utilise assembly steps, so that production can be tracked through its various stages. Integrated time sheet entry updates factory order costs, with inventory issued to works orders utilising costs updated from the purchasing systems. Receipted factory orders keep inventory up to date with on hand and unit costs (standard, last or average cost) and bar-coded labels can be produced for the finished products.

  • Spend Less Time Duplicating & Updating Information in Other Systems.
  • Record, Automate and Find Information Quickly.
  • Get Automatically Alerted to important Customer, Inventory, Purchasing, CRM and Sales Order Warnings
  • Know Production Costs & Order Profitability in Real Time. Negotiate Prices with More Confidence!
  • Make Better Business Decisions using Apparel Reports, Queries, Dynamic Reporting and More . .
  • We additionally quote for our Accelerated Deployment Method (ADM) which is a FIXED PRICE quote for our Consulting & Project Management services to configure, build & install your Apparel solution ready for testing.
  • We also quote and provide for "Go-Live" assistance to assist the various Departments of your organisation synchronise the switchover to Gary for Apparel. This includes assistance with Financial Mapping to MYOB & QuickBooks etc, Inventory Count Procedures if applicable, Accounts Receivable, Purchasing and Creditors.
  • Gary for Apparel software updates via our Yearly Maintenance Renewal agreement, and options for Yearly or Packaged Support Time Blocks.