Minimal menu system

Gary drives you directly to the function you need. eg, if you need to access a calendar or CRM entry, they're built into the function you are using. You don't need to exit the program you're using and work your way through a long and complex menu in order to access the function that you want. That's what we mean when we say 'compact.'

Gary makes everything available from your entry screen while keeping it clean and uncluttered. Your staff will find it obvious where to go or how to get to something they need. At the same time we don't clutter screens with a myriad of options, but we make sure those options are right to hand.

You can use keyboard and mouse or touch screens - whatever suits you.

The fewest possible screens

Gary has many capabilities so there is a need for different screens to drive various processes. Yet each screen, while compact, manages so many functions without clutter and in a consistent manner, that Gary provides the fewest possible separate experiences to the user. This makes for easy learning and for confident use - all of which makes the business more efficient and more profitable.

Each user knows just what to do and does it with minimum opportunity for mistakes. This creates a contented and co-operative workforce concentrating on the business needs, not on fighting with the software.

Configure your screens to suit your device

Configure each device (PC, tablet, phone) separately for the same logon. All devices run the same software so you don't have to learn separate programs for your PC and tablet. You can run Microsoft on your PC and iOS or Android on your tablet or phone if you wish.

Select what data to display on each. Each device can be configured to suit the purpose and the screen size. You can have all the columns that you want always visible (if you have a wide screen monitor, for instance) or group the columns into tabs to suit smaller screens or specific processes. You get to choose how to drive Gary for your particular role.

Configure all of the above individually for each user.

Set configuration and security by user group.