Immediate Availability

We host your system while you load your data and prepare for go-live. We have preloaded systems ready to register in your company's name and can provide your staff with access within minutes of receiving your payment.

We transfer the system to the place of your choice when you are ready and provide a clean system - all the records you have entered but cleaned of training transactions - when you are ready for go-live.

The software can run on your local server or from the cloud.

Load your data in a day

Start entering records the day you buy.

Gary makes it easy to create one (typical) record manually - eg a Customer, Supplier or Inventory record - and exports that as a spreadsheet to make loading the rest of the data - eg the balance of the Customer records - faster. Then you hit the import button to load those records into Gary.

The data is checked as you load it and any errors are highlighted and explained making it simple to rectify duplicates or misspelling of things like category names, etc.

So you can load just some sample data initially to begin familiarisation and the rest later, or load everything in the first day.

Gary will direct your staff through setup and go-live

A Gary consultant will develop a Business Operations Overview of your business and a Tactical Process Document explaining how the software is to be used to satisfy your business needs.

Gary will include this information as part of the Deployment Management module making available to your staff everything they need to know to drive the deployment forward.

Check lists measure your go-live readiness

Gary will display your state of readiness through the 3 stages of Data Loading, Testing and Go-Live preparation. He will note any questions your staff raise and the status of resolution.

Gary tracks major processes and can track specific staff in terms of readiness for go-live.

Staff will grumble and complain (and go slow) if they can't see clearly the way ahead. Gary avoids this by providing visibility of the project status and making the software easy to learn.

The Gary support team can provide any level of support required.