With MYOB, QuickBooks, Xero, SAGE and MoneyWorks Integration

Mobile and Tower Crane Hire

Staff Management

  • Gary can setup default drivers, dogmen and riggers per crane yet enable easy re-allocation of staff to a crane for all jobs that day - or part of a day.
  • You get in-your-face advice of non inducted employees or equipment by site
  • Gary provides online timesheets - recording starts, arrivals, breaks, leaving, demob, etc for the equipment and team in real time with signature capture by the site foreman for specific activities - by tablet or phone. Email to customer - paperwork never gets lost.
  • Also weekly timesheet entry and processing - on-line or by the office.
  • Define your own additional charge rules (overtime, outside hours, minimum hours, etc) per equipment or group and per labour type. Capture Site Allowance.
  • Invoices can match your daily work sheets - by day by equipment by employee with additional charges.
  • Automatically attach required documents with quotes or invoices.
  • Staff can log on via mobile phones to see their jobs for today
  • Generates alerts for registration or license expiry, etc

Job Management

  • Auto-loading to the job of default requirements per site (eg traffic control), per customer (send rigger) and per equipment (truck for counterweights) whenever a job is created or equipment is assigned.
  • Online Site Inspection form with drawing and signature capture capabilities. Always with the job.
  • Online Timeline Calendar showing booking details by equipment and (optionally) employee. One job stretching over days or months.
  • Charge (tower) crane per day by contract and staff from timesheet entries.

Heavy Equipment Hire

Equipment Selection

  • Equipment selection by cascading drill down
  • Nominal (not the real equipment) allocation for quote purposes
  • Concurrent multiple equipment selection
  • Display equipment characteristics (capacity, reach, volume, etc) and select from that
  • Equipment coloured coded for availability, remote location, etc

Hire Processing

  • Pre-Hire check routines
  • Choose equipment when quote confirmed
  • Swap equipment when damaged, etc
  • Cross-Hire equipment and track costs while charging original rates
  • Optional employee selection - includes induction reporting and on-line timesheets as per crane hire
  • Stand down recording with your own rules
  • Check stand-downs against vehicle starts
  • Onhire/Off-Hire processes including delivery & pickup
  • Quantity change processing for relevant items (originally took 200 pieces, returned 50 a week later)
  • Tablet/phone processing in the yard including signature capture
  • Capturing klms, fuel useage, hours run or litres pumped.
  • Damage waiver charging
  • Active days per week terms


  • Automated charging per day - see at a glance accumulated charging so far this month
  • Standard rates and customer specific rates
  • Auto-credit for early period invoicing if rate drops after time.
  • Pre-Invoicing checks can prevent invoicing until errors fixed
  • Auto-generation of invoices at EOM after error checks

Scaffolding and related items Hire - extra-features

  • Fixed Price orders or daily rentals
  • Pause the hire while checking returns
  • Review future availability
  • Hire by weight or item

General Hire features

Ancillary sales

  • Gary sells safety equipment, etc from showroom as POS or account sale - separate from hire order or included in it.
  • Provides full inventory control for an unlimited number of items

Contact management system

  • Keep records of every conversation and every contact with customers, suppliers or others

Maintenance tracking

  • Record and cost all servicing on plant and generate alerts for scheduled services
  • Keep full maintenance history