With MYOB, QuickBooks, Xero, SAGE and MoneyWorks Integration

Gary for FOOD has been specifically designed to meet business needs, demands and challenges.

It’s all about the specifics of business and importantly it's affordable whilst being uncompromising on the range of facilities delivered.

  • Fast Order Entry – Eliminating the delays, complexities and possible errors inherent in current order processing.
  • Customer Order Pad – Speeding order taking by presenting a sub set of your total product range that is individual customer specific.
  • Pick & Pack – Ensuring orders are despatched quickly and accurately.
  • Batch Track – Guaranteeing product recalls can be made rapidly and efficiently.
  • Shelf Life Dates – Bringing maximum control to used by date management and control.
  • Van Delivery Rounds – Substantially enhancing delivery productivity.
  • Negotiated Pricing – Streamlining the effort needed to work with numerous different price lists.
  • Customer Order Entry – Provides customers with electronically delivered order spread sheets which they can complete and return via email of fax.
  • Advanced Reporting – Highly flexible reporting that allows you to rapidly get the information you want to run your business exactly how you need to and when you need it.
  • Standing Orders – Far more simply handling customers’ regular orders.
  • Multiple Product Unit Measures – Making it a straightforward task to handle units, inners, outers and pallets.
  • Driver’s Run Sheets – Offering total efficiency on the road.
  • Quantity Breaks – Automatically recognising varying unit prices based on total volumes ordered.
  • Levies – Automatically catering for government taxes and other imposts.
Bar Codes – Comprehensively using barcoding to speed operations, reduce errors and enhance productivity. And allowing the use of multiple barcodes per stock line.

Floor sales

Order pads so easy to use its like someone else is writing the orders for you.

  • Take orders
  • Take payments
  • Create Invoices

Simple, easy & quick

Back Office Orders

Schedule customer interaction

  • Automatically email order pads to your customers
  • Action your own ToDo list
  • Customer preferences and history presented as part of order entry

Automate the paperwork

  • Production Summary
  • Driver's run sheets

Place orders on growers

Re-Order planning

  • Minimum stock levels
  • Sales History
  • Supplier History
  • Price History

Managing Margins

  • Purchasing
  • Price Tracking
  • Price Agreement
  • Post sale ReCosting

Automated Manufacturing (packaging)

Preparing foodstuffs and packing for Supermarkets?

  • No inventory control?
  • No cost Control?

Gary can run full manufacturing - costing and stock control - without you doing anything to track it. All we need is a bill of materials