Explanations on every data field, button or column

Gary provides simple access to help text and video training. He puts help access 'in your face' when you want it or allows you to hide it when you don't need it. No need to go looking for help.

Every button you need to click carries it's own specific help text and/or explanatory video. You never need to wonder what will happen if you take an option you've never used before.

Each column heading explains the purpose and use of data in that column. The help icon in the column heading explains what that column's data means and how you can use it, whether its a display only column or a tick-box for actions or a direct entry field a click on.

Never be confused again looking at a screen full of data fields and wondering just what they mean. Click on Gary to tell you or show you how each field relates to the work you do.

Add your own help instructions to guide your employees - to do things your way!

You can easily change the help text to include instructions relating to your own processes - effectively building your own Standard Operating Procedures right into the software itself. You can do this bit by bit as you have the time. The original help is always available and is updated as new features are added. Gary highlights when the original help text has been changed after you have changed things yourself.

You can make your entries attractive and clear using the simple Rich Text editor Gary provides for creating or amending help text.

You can even create your own videos and insert them in the help system to train your people to do things your way. Epitome Software can recommend free video tools that you could use to create your own specialised training videos.

Its all part of making life easier for you and your staff.

Just select the Gary logo and see the on-Demand video streaming list.

Select what you want to see and a way you go..