With MYOB, QuickBooks, Xero, SAGE and MoneyWorks Integration

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Intuitive processing to satisfy every user

Gary's screen focus is on where you need to be. You are automatically taken to the next essential step without clicking, yet are always able to take any available options. Buttons are greyed out or highlighted when unavailable or essential. Inventory items, charge or labour codes are distinguished by colour and are easily filtered in or out. Search by text or drill down through cascading levels to find what you want. See all relevant information at a glance.

Walk the showroom with your Customer using a tablet, scanning as you go. Capture signatures for goods taken on account. Gary delivers simple usability to make it easy to do what you want to or get the information you need.

Inventory Control to satisfy every sale

True inventory control will make your life so much easier. Know without walking how many you have and where they are, how many are wanted and by when, how many are coming in and when and what's available for sale or use right now without messing something up. BLISS! Decide what level of stock to hold, factor in seasonal forecasts, get recommendations with detailed explanations. Automate ordering or do it yourself.

  • Unlimited inventory records.
  • Preferred Suppliers and foreign currency purchasing and sales.
  • Alerts for low stock and replenishment calculations recommending what to buy or make.
  • Automatic generation of Purchase or Manufacturing orders.
  • Multiple warehouses and unlimited locations.
  • Multiple units of measure
  • Batch , Serial No, expiry date, revision tracking
  • Kits and add-on sales prompting.

Process stocktake (full or partial) on tablets, as well as Purchase Order Receipting and Sales Order picking and despatch.

Versatile pricing rules to satify every Customer

There are too many pricing options to list them all here. We know that many businesses survive because the sales people can do deals to suit every customer - but what a headache that makes for sales processing. Not any more!

See the margins before you quote and check the customer history to determine their value to you. Management can set minimums both visible and invisible and Gary will catch you (smiling) if you try to beat the system.

Pricing by line/line group, Customer/Customer Group, Pricing groups, multiple quantity breaks, give-aways and specials and more. Tell Gary what the rules are and he'll help your order takers get the numbers right. If Gary doesn't do it as standard then we'll develop your rules for you.

Simple Timesheet Capture to satisfy the labour force.

Get timesheet entries made in real -time ie hit the 'now' button on the timesheet that knows who you are and what job you're on. Use the employee's own phone or a tablet for the team (if remote) or a local tablet or PC for the workshop.

Specify for each job what timesheet entries you want (prepare, start, arrive, start/finish break, etc) and capture a signature against any of those events. Real-Time updates to the job where special rules (O/T rates, etc) can be applied to create charges (or just costs) for the job.

Purchasing to satisfy the needs of the business

Instantly create Purchase Orders direct from the job or allow the requirements to accumulate for the week (or whatever). Gary lets the boss see what hasn't been ordered that should have been, so no-one ever again forgets to place that order.

Gary distinguishes between stock that needs to be replenished systematically by the inventory system and the one-offs, not held in stock, that need to be purchased directly. You can combine both on one order or multiple special requirements for multiple Customer orders on one Purchase Order for a common supplier.

Let the workshop or installer request an order number while at the supplier and capture what is being ordered and the price. Instantly email the PO to the supplier for expeditious service.

Scheduling to satisfy everyone

Put everything an the timeline calendar. Appointments, reminders, due dates for receipts or deliveries or for quotation follow-ups. Use the CRM system to record conversations, set dates for appointments or milestones.

Gary makes it all visible - with ToDo lists, calendar entries or dynamic alerts it will be impossible to miss a deadline again.