Gary software is right at your fingertips on your smart phone, tablets, laptops and desktop.

You can run it on your local intranet in your offices or via the cloud when on the road.

Gary runs the same software on all devices - not different applications on phones or tablets - learn once and know forever!.

Gary remembers which device you are using (your desktop, tablet or phone) and gives you an opportunity to reduce screen clutter depending on how you use each device.

New orders are not as easy to process on phones - especially complex orders - so Gary offers to turn some features off.

Gary can be set up to only access jobs relevant to the person logging onto their phone.

It's all about intelligent design maximising the usability of each device.

Gary Junior is a smartphone app for service engineers, installers and the like who sometimes go where the Internet cannot reach.

But you still need checklists, asset data and the ability to capture photos, notes & signatures which need to feed back to the main system.

So your phone - or tablet, or laptop - can talk to Gary via the web for total data access and also - for Android devices only at the moment - carry important data where the internet cannot follow.

Gary Junior will look after your needs when Big Gary can't be around.